Estate Sale LineThere are approximately 100 million baby boomers out there who will be needing to liquidate their possessions in the future.  There are approximately 45 million children out there wondering what they are going to do with all this “stuff” their parents have accumulated.  An estate sale is a much needed solution to our aging population.  Estate Sales and Liquidations can take this challenge from overwhelming to doable.

Many times the liquidation of an estate can be difficult due to the emotions involved by the owners of the estate. There are numerous reasons for liquidating an estate. Death, divorce, illness, down sizing, moving to another state, or financial reasons are all reasons for an estate sale. Since emotions are running high during these stressful times, we try to combine compassion, common sense and professionalism when liquidating an estate.

"Went to an estate sale by Connie and Joan, I will be keeping an eye for another one of their events. The nicest estate sale I have ever been too. I could not believe how clean everything looked and how it was staged!!!!"


404 Julies Trail Circle Sale (August 29-30 2020)

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