How do you arrive at a fair market value?

To arrive at a fair market value of a client’s possessions, we will perform due diligence by conducting market research on like items and market trends. This process is how our recommended pricing is derived

Should I go through my stuff and throw away anything I don't want?

Do not throw out or give anything away before talking to an estate sale professional. Leave everything in place!

Do you charge a flat rate or commission?

We are commission based. Our commission is based on how much time it will take to get things ready and the quantity and quality of what is to be sold.  The commission on vehicles, boats, and airplanes is lower than our normal commission.

How do you set up a sale?

We start a sale two to three weeks before the actual sale date. This gives us time to bring in the supplies needed, such as, tables, risers, racks, etc., time to organize the contents of the home, wash and polish those items that need it, and time to tag and price the contents of the home. Usually, all areas of the home are needed in order to set up an organized sale. We ask the client to take what they want and leave the rest in place. This make it easier for them, but also easier for us. 

How long have you been doing sales?

We have been doing sales for 25 years. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry liability insurance. 

Are there additional charges in addition to the commission?

If we have to rent a roll-off due to excessive trash, we will charge back that cost to the client. 

How far in advance do I need to schedule the sale?

It is a good idea to give us as much notice as possible because we are usually working on a 6 to 8 week schedule. Before agreeing to a closing date on y our home, be sure you have someone available to do your sale. We will always try to work with you and your schedule. 

When do you hold your sales?

Our sales are usually held on Saturday from 9-3 and Sunday 12-3. Depending upon the contents of the home, we might have the sale on Friday also. 

What do you do with things that don't sell?

Smaller items, such as china, crystal, silver, will be packed and taken to our storage facility to be brought out at another sale. Larger items, such as furniture or antiques, will be sent to consignment in your name. The remainder will be donated. You will receive a receipt of donation for tax purposes. The home is usually empty within twenty-four hours after the completion of the sale. 

Do you ever take things on consignment?

Yes, we take things on consignment. Many times people need to have an estate sale, but don’t really have enough to make it worthwhile for us to do, but if we have consignment items this works for everyone. 

Do you take checks and credit cards?

Yes, we take both. To use a credit card you have to spend a$100 or more. We do require an ID to write a check. We are responsible for any bad checks. 

When do I get the proceeds from the sale?

You will receive a check in one week after the completion of the sale. We do all the bookwork on Sunday night after the sale closes. You will be called that evening with the totals from the sale.

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